Author: Sandra Balsells
Editorial: Blume, Intermón Oxfam, Faculty of Communication Sciences Blanquerna
Publication date: November, 2002
Pages number: 219
ISBN: 84-95939-13-4
Price: 36 EUROS
Binding: Hardback
Size: 24 x 32
Languages: Spanish, Catalonian, English, Serbo-Croatian

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A testimonial stirred about the evolution of the old Yugoslavia since the disintegration of the country in 1991 until the fall of Milosevic in 2000.

    The death of Yugoslavia (Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina, 1991-1994)
    Victims and killers (Serbia, 1996-1997)
    Surviving in silence (Kosovo, 1996)
    The inevitable war (Kosovo, 1998)
    Deportation (Albania, 1999)
    The return (Kosovo, 1999)
    The end of the Milosevic era (Serbia, 2000)

- "After watching the terrible and prodigious images of Balkan, In Memoriam, I see that my determination of proclaiming that another world is possible has been confirmed, and words will finally prevail over the sword." (Federico Mayor Zaragoza)
- "Since the ten years in which the old Yugoslavia was at war can be considered to be an historical fact, Balkan, In Memoriam is a tool that helps us to cultivate humanity." (Miquel Tresserras, Faculty of Communication Blanquerna dean)
- "As we are accustomed to watch the war reports in colour, these fotographies call forth, request and spark off silence. Relief, depth, denunciation and movement speak, and silence itself speaks." (Ignasi Carreras, Intermón Oxfam manager)